Rachel St. Photography | About

My name is Rachel. I am a portrait photographer based in southeast Texas - passport ready and available for travel! 

I am sarcastic. I <3 <3 footie! I travel. I love history and "old rubbish stuff". All of these aspects of me are found in my execution of ideas and inspiration. 

I believe my work, whether it's a collaboration of ideas or singular collection of ideas, is a reflection of myself in some way - every time. I err to the side of realism, but am not scared to venture into surreal concepts.

I love to travel! LOVE it. One of my favorite places to visit and work with clients is London. My bucket list includes Greece, India, Germany, Ireland, remote France and Tahiti (I'm sure more will always be added to that list). There are places I'd like to re-visit, but who knows if I will, as there are still so many places to see!


Rachel St. Photography "opened its doors" in the fall of 2013. I have failed a lot, and succeeded a lot - every time it's a learning lesson for the next time; I like learning, y'all!!

I have unofficially opened a separate or sister portion of my business. It is in the infancy stages, but you're welcome to follow along until I make it official! You can click like right here: Art Portraits on Rachel St..

Please visit my blog from time to time, too! I don't blog a lot, but I always love interaction when I do. www.rachelstphotography.com/blog will take ya right to it! :D
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