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I have had SO much fun planning and executing these shoots. There are moments when I am utterly overwhelmed, and moments when I feel like I failed utterly. BUT!! That is OK, because this is the most exciting thing I have done in a really long time. I actually, physically, literally, mentally, vibrate when I am creating now. 

I cannot even properly explain the enormity of that feeling. I hope that you enjoy these! <3


Please, enjoy! :D


Week 1: Color

I am always inspired by history in some way I think. Here is Apollo. 

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 2: Portrait of Someone Without Showing their Face

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 3: Tell a Story

I am going to be using my cousin, Officer Joey Plessala of the Port Arther Police Department to complete this. We are currently in organizational stages. 


Week 4: Use Negative Space

Caitlin is SO awesome. This was from our first shoot together and we have created twice since then! She is brilliant to work with. 

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 5: Create a Symmetrical Image

I attempted a few different things when I did this week's assignment. Ultimately it was the most simple attempt that worked. This is a self portrait. :) I used the excuse of getting my hair trimmed to get my hair stylist, NuNu at Ella's Nails, in Beaumont to get half of my hair straightened. She didn't even bat an eye when I explained what I wanted. I love her and she always gets my hair so perfectly straight!! Been going to NuNu for almost 10 years now. I trust my curls to no one else in Beaumont!

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 6: Go to a Museum

Evolution of thought for this project: pop culture? yes yes no. listened to a history podcast while editing...  post revolutionary france! that's the ticket. I just received the dress for this project on Wednesday and have tentatively scheduled this shoot for late August. This is another week that has since inspired a series/project. I don't know how well I will be able to spread myself between all of this, but that is only something the future can tell. As it stands, this week will also evolve into a joint image with week 9's spinoff series. 


Week 7: Go Beyond the Print or Digital Image

I am trying to be more budget conscious, but this image will be made sometime soon into an Art Metal Print with high hopes of being hung in my future studio. :)


Week 8: Collaborate with another Artist

I had something set up for this, it fell through. I have some ideas brewing though, so stay tuned! 


Week 9: Make a Mess 

For me, week 9 was a culmination of planning for Weeks 4, 6, and 7. The coolest, most favorite thing so far about Week 9 is that is has evolved into a full blown project. I am creating images specifically in mind to present to galleries and exhibitions. I don't know if I'll be successful, but I'm damn sure going to try! You can follow along on this part of the journey with #rachelshomagetogreece. 

The images from Week 9 will be housed in a separate blog post with more details on the series. 


Week 10: Use a Location to Wow

My mom and I took a weekend road trip to Amarillo (that's a 12 hour drive, y'all) a few weeks ago. I took several shots with intent to use them as composited backgrounds in the future and possibly for this week's project. I have not had a moment to sit down and even look at them yet. We shall see soon ... hopefully ... when I get caught up! ha.


Week 11: Capture Movement

I just blogged about Bailey yesterday. She is BRILLIANT to work with. I am super excited to start incorporating her enthusiasm into a project that has come from Week 9. 

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 12: Create an Amazing Silhouette

Caitlin is quickly becoming a muse. We have worked together three times now and I absolutely cannot WAIT to do more! The images from Caitlin's session are still on my memory disk, but I will be updating again with that the a few other images ASAP! :D


Week 13: Restrict Yourself to a $20 Budget

I kind of try to do this anyway. I am definitely working on getting better. I picked up a dress from goodwill.com for $13 and will be using it in at least 2 creative sessions. Those will follow soon. 


Week 14: Be a Voyeur

I am hoping to incorporate voyeur elements during an upcoming engagement session with Melissa and Nate. 


Week 15: Show Your Subject Multiple Times in a Single Frame

I haven't even begun to plan for this one. I need to get on top of that. 


Week 16: Immortalize Your Hero

This is my mother. I cannot ever express how grateful I am to know this woman. We don't choose our family, but I would choose her to be my mom if I was ever given the choice. It's not easy being the most intelligent person in the room, but it's time she saw it's not easy to be the most beautiful person in the room, too. <3 <3 <3 <3


These are all the weeks I have done so far. I hope you guys enjoyed them and will check back to see progress on the gaps as well as updates on the spinoff series that I'll be working on!

I couldn't do this without the support of you guys. Your feedback, participation, referrals and emotional back patting go a long way. Thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3 


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Bailey T https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/7/bailey-t I first saw Bailey at IRule Dance Company's 2015 spring production of "Once Upon a Wish". Bailey was beautifully suited to perform as Disney's Jasmine and I was immediately struck by her physique. I don't claim to know much about the technical side of dance, but I do know when I think something is beautiful ... and Bailey, when she dances, is grace itself. 

I found out while we were shooting, that she's only been dancing for 2 years! The raw talent and dedication to be so good in such a short span of time is really incredible to see! I hope you enjoy these images and I look forward to hearing your feedback! :D

We had fun! :D(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511


(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511


(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Ballet Beaumont Dance IRule Movement Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/7/bailey-t Wed, 29 Jul 2015 23:43:03 GMT
Creative 52 Model Call https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/6/creative-52-model-call Thanks so much for stopping by! I am working through #creative52 written by Lindsay Adler with several other photographers. It is an intense project requiring one shoot a week and I need some subjects and collaborators! 

Here's what I need for the next few weeks. I am excited to start working on these. Personal projects in photography are some of the most fun and creatively rewarding experiences we'll ever do together! :D If you fit the description in one or more of the model calls, please email me a headshot or snapshot of yourself to rachel@rachelstphotography.com.

* Male Nurse, Firefighter, or EMT that has permission for me to photograph them "on the job"

* Female model age 22 - 30, size 2 - 10, short playful hair with unique facial features

* An artist who is willing to collaborate (help design a backdrop/scene or do hair & makeup or produce awesome jewelry, etc). 

* Male model age 24 - 36, muscular, small frame - this shoot will require nudity and body painting

* Ballet Dancer - age 16 + with traditional ballet dancer body form

* Male or Female "power" businessperson

* Fisherman/Male Model age 60+ 

* Female model age 18+ for boudoir session


Take a look at the few weeks that I have done so far :D

Week 1: Create an Image Based on a Single Color

#Creative52 Week 1 - Image Based on ColorYoung Apollo(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511


Week 4: Use Negative Space

#Creative52 Week 4: Negative SpaceRanjana(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Week 5: Create a Symmetrical Image

#Creative 52 SymmetryBalance(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Creative 52 Creative Projects Model Call Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/6/creative-52-model-call Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:54:49 GMT
Rachel ... On Blogging and Getting Personal https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/5/rachel-on-blogging I have been arguing with myself about this blog post since ... the last one, which I believe was in February?! I'm really awful at blogging. I know I am. I either overshare, or don't share enough. Finding a balance in blogging has actually been more difficult than recognizing I need to find a balance in tweeting, too. 

And so ... I have avoided it! 

I am not going to promise to be more diligent about blogging. I made a promise yesterday about being better at twitter. One step at a time, y'all. You can follow me on twitter, though! @RachelStPhotos

As it stands, things are going quite alright down here in Texas. I grow every day as a photographer and get just a little bit better at life every day, too. It ain't easy bein' cheesy, but I've almost got it down to an art!

There are a few things in the works business wise that I'm excited about and really need to start pushing for completion on. Stay tuned, I'll try to be more diligent about bl... oh, wait... 


Rachel (C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

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If You Spend Your Life Keeping Score ... https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/4/if-you-spend-your-life-keeping-score Over the past few months, I have spent a lot of time examining my personal values and how they translate to my business. It has been a far more personal journey than I anticipated. 

(C)Rachel St Photography 40965931511

Happy Spring! Joy and blessings to you ALL. <3 

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Personal Rachel St. Photography https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/4/if-you-spend-your-life-keeping-score Sat, 18 Apr 2015 02:54:55 GMT
Project: Embrace the Chaos, Expressing the Creativity in our ADHD Kids https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/3/project-embrace-the-chaos-expressing-the-creativity-in-our-adhd-kids When my oldest son was 7 years old, his teacher wrote him up for tapping his pencil on the desk and wiggling in his chair. I was appalled - how could a kid get written up for struggling to sit still? Isn't that normal for a first grader? When I called her to discuss it, she told me she thought he might have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and needed to be medicated. I instantly bristled. In my opinion at the time, too many children  were medicated for being ... kids. And now, to justify a petty write up, my son's teacher was trying to do the same thing! Not on my watch, I thought.

Fast forward 3 years and a LOT of struggles, fights and battles, it turns out E really is ADHD and despite every coping skill we've tried- consistent schedule, coaxing, discussing, and full blown tears - medication is the only thing that helps him get his thoughts in order and reduces the compulsions typical of kids with ADD/ADHD. Compounding the issue of ADHD is Evan's fantastic mind. He's a bonafide genius, who is also color blind. His ability to compensate for his color deficiency is astounding and if you ever chat with him, you'll be blown away by his ability to recognize and interpret patterns and puzzles. He amazes me every day - even when he frustrates me 

Now that E is 11 he's able to really vocalize the frustrations of ADD/ADHD in a way that I never really understood, despite the things I've read and thought I understood. We had a long chat one recent evening and he shared with me some of the internal struggles and pain he feels trying to deal with ADD/ADHD. I want to share that with you. 

Mom sometimes my emotions ACTUALLY hurt me. Like... there's so many thoughts running through my head at one time my brain starts to really ache, and then I get upset and feel like I want to cry and then my THROAT hurts... I don't know why. I don't know WHY my emotions are so strong... I'm shy and loud all at the same time, and people just don't understand me. It makes it really hard to make friends.

What a profound and insightful view, and how incredibly heartbreaking to hear. 

I also hope to share with you the desire to help these kids find an outlet that encourages them without stifling them; something that allows them to be outside of the norm without feeling like social outcasts. 

E is currently writing a book... well he's actually writing three books and is also creating the story line for a video game. Haha another example of the numerous projects going on in his mind! He shared with me some of his writing, and together we created an image that visually depicts what he has been creating in writing. This, ladies and gentlemen is 'Shadow'. :)

ShadowDesigned by: E. W. Composition: Rachel St. Photography

(C) Rachel St. Photography
Stock Images found here, here, here, here, and here.

E's little brother, H, was very excited to see what E and I created, so he asked for one, too. Here is H's visual version of The Green Ninja from Lego Ninjago. 

Green NinjagoDesign: H. M. Composition: Rachel St. Photography

(C) Rachel St. Photography

Stock Images found here, here, here, and here.

I'd like to really share the joy that E has received from this project to your kids, also! I have begun a personal project and invite you and your families to participate. I want to help create what your kids see in their mind's eye. Please call me at 409.659.3151 or email me at rachel@rachelstphotography.com to schedule a consultation and discuss the ins and outs of the project!

Being a parent of a child or children who have ADD or ADHD can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are literally hundreds of resources for parents out there. Your child is not alone and YOU are not alone! In addition to a lot of tears, prayer, and trial and error, here are some links that I have found helpful or encouraging.

12 Parenting Strategies that Work for ADHD Kids

Help Socially Immature Kids Make Friends and Succeed at School

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential, by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

Stay strong and remember that the chaos in their mind is frustrating for them, too! <3 <3 Educate yourself, take some deep breaths, talk to their teachers and talk to your kids. You'll likely be amazed by the things they have to say. 

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) ADD/ADHD Beaumont Composite Project: Embrace the Chaos Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/3/project-embrace-the-chaos-expressing-the-creativity-in-our-adhd-kids Thu, 19 Mar 2015 15:42:25 GMT
Kersten B. Senior Portraits https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/2/kerstensenior-portraits Y'all have probably figured out by now, that I love my clients. I have a personal relationship with every one. The Baylor/Earney/Smith family, though, are probably my closest. I've worked with this family as a teacher, our kids have played together, and I've had the absolute pleasure of photographing them on several occasions. 

That being said, I need to tell you this story. This story of love. This story of Godly blessings. This story of absolute beauty. 

Christina and Adam have two biological children and they're both absolutely precious, precocious and joyful. For several years, Christina and Adam have prayed about adopting a child "abandoned by the system": a child the world seems to have forgotten. Then, they met Kersten. Kersten is a beautiful, softly spoken and sometimes timid girl of 18. Christina is the nurse at Kersten's school. Christina's mother, Edna, is Kersten's English teacher. And so the work of God unfolds beautifully in this family's life. 

I am genuinely moved by the love this family has for everyone they encounter and have been personally blessed by knowing them. 

With tears and joy, I am so happy to share with you the newest addition to the Baylor family ... Kersten!





Hair and Makeup: Linsey McNeel of Bondiepinx Airbrush Makeup

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Adoption Beaumont Class of 2015 God's Plan Love Rachel St. Photography Senior Portraits Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/2/kerstensenior-portraits Tue, 10 Feb 2015 14:52:40 GMT
The Ho Hum and Hum Drum https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/2/the-ho-hum-and-hum-drum Writing blogs - with purpose - has always been a struggle for me. I schedule it into my weekly planner ... and then avoid it like the plague. I'm not a bad writer, I just feel like sometimes, my time is better served ... watching British Comedy? Ha! It's true - I often avoid blog writing to do just that. 

When I'm truly inspired, the blog posts come easily. Does that mean I'm currently uninspired? I don't know - I feel inspired when I'm working. Things are really picking up this year with my business and I'm so grateful and excited about it. Why isn't this translating to blog posts? 

There's a lot going on in my personal life at the moment and I often find myself focusing on those things rather than blog posts, or instagram feeds, or tweeting. Owning your own business and being a single mom requires some sort of magical fountain of super powers I think. Anyone have a map to find this fountain?

I see women who do it all the time and they're perfectly groomed, their kids always behave and their house is in "eat on the floor" order. How in the world do these women do it? 

Share with me your inspirations! Share with me the women that inspire you. Share with me the things that YOU do to make your life easier, less complicated and still successful. I crave your knowledge! ^_^

What distracts you from the tedious aspects of your business? What inspires you to get those aspects DONE?

Comment below and let's have a conversation! 

"Everybody wants to save the earth, no one wants to help mom do the dishes." - P.J. O'Rourke

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

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An Engagement to Remember https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/1/an-engagement-to-remember A friend of mine called me one afternoon a few weeks before Christmas. She works with someone who is engaged to military personnel. He was to be deployed abroad earlier than he anticipated and they wanted to bump the wedding date ... to the following week! They needed engagement photos FAST, so I made it happen. Talk about whirlwind!

These two met online and are probably the cutest unique couple I've ever met. He's extraordinarily tall, she's oppositely short. He's laid back, she tends to be OCD. Opposites in many ways everything about who they are as a couple is evident as they laugh, joke and engage. They were nervous at first, but we ended up having a great time and their gorgeous photos are a testament! They were married two days after our time together. Congratulations, y'all! <3 

Names are skewed to protect his family. 


(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151


rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Engagement Newlyweds Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/1/an-engagement-to-remember Wed, 14 Jan 2015 17:00:57 GMT
Venable Family https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/1/venable-family I genuinely love my clients! They are all such amazing, beautiful people. Each one is unique and vibrant and full of joy. 

I met Leslie at Grandma's Basement in November. She is the owner of Retreauxgirl Jewelry and is so creative! It's so exciting to me to work with other artistic people. Leslie has three gorgeous children and the cutest husband! Her two oldest live out of the area, but were in town for Thanksgiving. Luckily, I had some free time Thanksgiving evening and was able to leave my family for a few hours to spend some time with hers. 

Meet the Venables :)


(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151


rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Holiday 2014 Rachel St. Photography Retreauxgirl Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2015/1/venable-family Wed, 14 Jan 2015 15:48:12 GMT
The Smiths https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/the-smiths I met Kenny, Jennifer and precious little Hunter earlier this year when I did their large family multigenerational portraits. I used to teach with Jennifer's mom, too!

I just love this family. They have such joyful, playful spirits and it is apparent in every encounter. Jennifer happened to be the "1 Year in Business Contest" winner last month. She also happened to be in town for 6 weeks, so we fought with the rain and got the most adorable fall session.... PLUS I got to see Hunter again! It's amazing how much babies change in just a few months. 

Congratulations on your contest win, Jen! I had so much fun getting to cuddle Little Mr!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151


rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Contest One Year in Business Contest Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/the-smiths Wed, 17 Dec 2014 21:18:53 GMT
Everage-lasting Love https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/everage-lasting-love I met Vicki at the Ladie's Holiday Party the week before Thanksgiving. She has the most delightful, expressive and beautiful personality, and we instantly clicked! How excited was I when she asked me to do portrait session for her and her husband, Tom? SO EXCITED! 

We decided to use her home as the backdrop for their session because that is where they connect as individuals and as a couple. I met Tom for the first time that Saturday. He was feeling a bit under the weather, but boy, oh boy, was he a trooper (and such a good lookin' man, too! Nice catch Vicki! ;) )

When I revealed the images to Vicki and Tom, it literally took their breaths away. There is nothing more satisfying for a photographer than to see the joyful reactions to their work. Thank you so much Tom and Vicki for inviting me into your love for a little while. I loved every moment!



(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Couples Rachel St. Photography Southeast Texas https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/everage-lasting-love Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:44:44 GMT
Ladies Holiday Night at Grandma's Basement https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/ladies-holiday-night-at-grandmas-basement Thank you SO much to everyone who came out and got all dressed up with us at Grandma's Basement! It was so much fun, and a real delight to meet each and every one of you! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and have an even more joyous Christmas! :) :)

Special thanks to Grandma's Basement, Retreauxgirl, Beauty with Grace, and Stellar Treasure! Here are a few of the snaps I took while the ladies shopped, drank champagne, got their eyes made ALL FANCY, and dressed to the Nines!

Retreauxgirl getting set up(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Leslie of Retreauxgirl and her sweet daughter getting ready to showcase her collection!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 Some of the beautiful jewelry and broaches exclusive to Grandma's Basement!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 The lovely Jen before she gets fancy eyes from Beauty with Grace!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151


Fancy eyes in the making! 

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 Shopping with friends and champagne is FUN!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Clothing by Stellar Treasure, Makeup by Beauty with Grace (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

The absolutely gorgeous Vicki E! (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 Hat and Fur Stole by Stellar Treasure; Jewelry by Retreauxgirl, The Technicolor Owl, Grandma's Basement, and Hot Glass by Vicki; Makeup by Beauty with Grace

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Hat by Vicki E; Jewelry by The Technicolor Owl; Makeup by Beauty with Grace (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Hat by Stellar Treasure; Jewelry by Retreauxgirl; Makeup by Beauty with Grace

If you came to hang out with us on November 20 and would like a print of the snaps I took, please call me for the gallery information! 409.659.3151

As an added gift to you, I am running a sale on ALL of my portrait sessions! Choosing a personal portrait photographer can be a nerve wracking decision, but I hope to answer any questions you may have in my FAQ. I look forward to seeing you beautiful ladies soon!

See you soon! <3


rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Beaumont Beauty with Grace Grandma's Basement Holiday 2014 Ladies Holiday Night 2014 Rachel St. Photography Retreauxgirl Stellar Treasure https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/12/ladies-holiday-night-at-grandmas-basement Sat, 06 Dec 2014 03:42:07 GMT
1 Year Anniv, 300 FB Likes Contest, and Getting Back Into the Swing of Things https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/11/HappyNovember The Halloween season, and my seasonal stint at the Spirit Halloween store is almost over! Coinciding with this is the one year anniversary  of being in business AND hitting three hundred likes on my Facebook business page. (WHOO HOOO!) So what does a photographer do with all that excitement? HOST A CONTEST, that's what!*

Congratulations to Jennifer Smith for winning the Facebook milestone contest! Jennifer and her family are in town from up north for only a few weeks. I've worked with them before during a large multi-generational family portrait, but this one will be more intimate. I'm so excited!

And the Winner Is(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

For several months I've been wanting to do a playful toddler session and I have that scheduled for this weekend, and another on the horizon, so keep a look out for those! 

OOOOH! And also! I'm going to be working with Grandma's Basement later this month. Grandma's Basement is hosting a Ladies Holiday Night at her shop. It'll be a fun girls night while shopping for really cool items! Retreauxgirl will be showcasing some of her new merchandise, I will be on hand to take portraits after Beauty with Grace enhances the beautiful that is YOU, aaaand Stellar Treasure and The Green Junque Monkey will be showcasing their beautiful vintage, and re-customed and customized accessories, too! It's going to be a whole lot of fun! There will even be drawing(s) for items from store vendors as well as two $25 gift certificates for the store with double entries for purchases made. I have one large print currently available there for sale and I will also be offering coupons and discounts for party participants! Can't beat that with a stick, now can ya'? :D

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151



* If you're interested in participating in my contests, be sure to click like and follow on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter @RachelStPhotos! :)

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) 1 Year Anniversary Beaumont Beauty with Grace Grandma's Basement Ladies Holiday Night 2014 Rachel St. Photography Retreauxgirl Southeast Texas Stellar Treasure The Green Junque Monkey https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/11/HappyNovember Wed, 05 Nov 2014 22:21:21 GMT
Cavazos Quinceañera https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/8/cavazos-quinceanera I have been DYING to do this blog post for a month and now that the family has seen their photos, I am free to share. I absolutely love these!

Celebrating with Erin for her fifteenth birthday was a joy and an honor. I was referred by another photographer and am so grateful for the amazing network of photographer friends I have. 

Enough about me, though ... let's look at Erin's gorgeous birthday party!

For those of you that don't know - a quinceañera is a really big deal in a young hispanic girl's life; it celebrates her commitment to Christ as well as her entrance to womanhood. This beautiful tradition is usually greeted with great revelry and genuine celebration with her family and friends. 

Erin and her family attended her blessing Mass at The Holy Rosary Catholic Church in downtown Houston and the party that followed took place at The Parador, also in Houston, TX. The Holy Rosary Catholic Church is a stunning architectural beauty: built in traditional Roman Catholic style. The Parador is a photographer's dream, to be honest! Every nook and cranny of that spectacular event venue appeals to a photographer's creative and emotional side...plus, Erin's mom did a FANTASTIC job designing the décor!

Much a like a wedding, a quinceañera's beautiful moments are captured in the details. 

It's All About the DetailsCrystal Magic

A Bride of Christ


Even the escorts get dressed up for this beautiful celebration!

Here, Erin is receiving prayers and blessings from the priest before receiving her gifts from her Godparents.

The father - daughter dance is as significant in a quince as it is in a wedding. There is no love like a father's love, and Erin is truly blessed.

Finally, I give to you the BEAUTIFUL birthday girl and her handsome young escort, Marco.


Interested in booking Rachel St. Photography for your next formal event? Click here for more details! :D

rachel@rachelstphotography.com (Rachel St. Photography) Event Photography Houston Houston, TX Rachel St. Photography The Parador quinceañera https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/8/cavazos-quinceanera Mon, 25 Aug 2014 18:08:37 GMT
But Why Prints, Rachel? https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/8/but-why-prints-rachel To print or not to print - this is such a common question in the photographer community. It's also a common misconception in the consumer community. 

True Story:

Last year, I photographed a family for their Christmas portraits: a beautiful, vibrant family of four with another on the way. Two weeks after our session, I received an email from the mom telling me that her husband had passed away suddenly and how grateful she was to have that last family photo to show her babies.

I have always understood the importance of prints. For my entire life, I've printed photograph after photograph after photograph. I literally have dozens of boxes of photo albums, scrapbooks and my walls are covered (yes covered) with prints. Both as a child and as an adult, I have enjoyed hours of perusing my grandmother's photo albums, my mother's photo albums, and when I visit my family members, their photo albums, too. I don't enjoy sitting in front of my aunt's computer looking through her file folders. 

Prints of your photographs are irreplaceable, tangible, REAL things that digital versions can never, EVER amount to be. 

Photographers don't sell you prints because they're greedy. Photographers who sell you prints are selling them to you because they care about your family's heirlooms, because they care about the real memories. They don't want your memories lost forever because they were tossed in a drawer, got scratched and the data can no longer be recovered. They don't want that sweet memory of you and your children to never see the light of day. 

The truth of the matter is, we careI care. I want you to have prints that will last for generations: tender moments that transcend time.


Need more convincing? http://www.skipcohenuniversity.com/scu-blog/making-the-point-about-selling-prints

Still not sure? Do a Google search on the vast number of people who have lost all of their memories through hardware malfunctions, software corruption, or even pure accidental user error. 


We have only a finite amount of time on this earth. What memories will you leave behind for your children and family? 

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Beaumont Local Focus August 2014 - Grandma's Basement https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/8/beaumont-local-focus-august-2014---grandmas-basement Tired of the same ol' same ol' furniture, nick-knacks and accessories? Look no more - Grandma's Basement is for you! Supporting local mom and pop businesses is something YOU can do to support your community - plus, at Grandma's Basement, you're sure to find a jewel or two!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Jen Trenbeath is the owner and operator of Grandma's Basement - located in Old Town on Calder and 7th (2406 Calder Ave.). Grandma's Basement is an antique and vintage shop which features collections from 9 separate dealers. Local dealers housed at Grandma's Basement offer a wide variety of items from antique furniture, household goods, and even postcards, to playful vintage clothing and accessories. My two favorite dealers at Grandma's Basement are The Technicolor Owl and Stellar Treasure - for the same reason: amazing vintage home and personal fashion items!

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

I met with Jen to talk about her passion for antiques, costume jewelry and Blenko Art Glass as well as her personal enjoyment of local eateries such as Tacos La Bamba, Chaba and The Jamaican Cajun Food Truck

Grandma's Basement just celebrated their 4 month anniversary. Trenbeath envisions the next 5 years to see a more dedicated and diverse clientele. She says there is a fun appeal to Grandma's Basement that is apparent as soon as you step into her world of treasures. "Everyone who comes in comments on the wide variety of items. Because each dealer is unique," she continues, "we're able to hit a lot of interests and styles in the shop. The best part of antiquing anywhere is the memories they invoke in the person shopping." (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Life as an antiques dealer and shop owner isn't a cake walk, though. Jen explains, "It is a lot of work - a lot of work that I didn't initially expect, but it's rewarding and exciting! Beaumont has a small community feel so I have been able to be involved in things that, if I weren't a business owner, I'd not have been able to participate in."

As many locals know, Beaumont Independent School District is currently undergoing TEA scrutiny. Individuals and businesses across the city have put forth their support and encouragement for local teachers. Grandma's Basement is participating in the Adopt a BISD Teacher Supply Drive to help offset the budget cuts and current teacher fund deficiencies. (If you're interested in adopting a BISD teacher, stop by Grandma's Basement to find out what their current needs are.)

Not only does Jen support BISD teachers, she is committed to her community. She regularly supports Tacos La Bamba, Chaba's and the Jamaican Cajun Food Truck.

Just down Calder Avenue, you'll find one of Beaumont's most beloved local eateries - Tacos La Bamba. Jen and the rest of the Grandma's Basement dealers often frequent this hipster loving joint for lunch. (Their beef tortas are AMAZING - and with every bite, I recall the beauty of Mexican Taco Venders.)

Jen and her husband John also love and frequent Chaba - a Thai Bistro on Phelan Blvd. "We would eat at Chaba every day if we could," she says with a laugh. I'd go with them if I could, because the food and atmosphere at Chaba is amazing. 

And then of course, there is the Jamaican Cajun Food Truck. Grandma's Basement, along with several other Calder Ave. businesses participate in "First Thursday on Calder". This really cool event showcases the best of Calder businesses and every First Thursday, you'll find the Jamaican Cajun Food Truck right outside of Grandma's Basement to satisfy your pre/during/post shopping appetite. I've also eaten from the Jamaican Cajun Food Truck and I have to tell you, it is delicious! 

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Welcome to the newest feature of my blog! Every month I will showcase a local business. It is my goal to help unite us and help us get to know each other. If you're a business that would like to be featured, please email me at rachel@rachelstphotography.com or call me at 409.659.3151. You can also find topics I share on twitter or facebook via #artistsunite. 

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England Part 7: Books about Town and a Farewell https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/7/england-part-7-books-about-town-and-a-farewell Leaving England is always the hardest part of my journey abroad. I love it there - anglophile I am! To top off my visit, Shane escorted me back the the South Bank (yehp! again, I went south of the Thames) as we wandered across the Books About Town Bookbench walk. Saturday in London is MENTAL. 

We got some overpriced Philly subs (made my Americans no less!) and took a barefoot stroll in the sprinkler run-off river that runs through 2 More London Place - easily the most comforting and enjoyable moment of the massive walk we undertook. 

Here are a few of the benches you can find on the Books about Town walk, Riverside Trail. You can find out more about the Books about Town art installation here

Read it All Over Again(C) Rachel St. Photography

I think I love this bench the most, because Paddington Bear was there enjoying a respite and watching the Thames go by. 

Meet Paddington Bear(C) Rachel St. Photography

I love capturing people in their most emotionally vulnerable moments. They had no idea I was watching!

Lover's Trist(C) Rachel St. Photography Row, Row, Row Your Boat(C) Rachel St. Photography


We were both exhausted by the end of the day. One day, when I leave England, it will be to visit the United States instead of going home to the United States. 

Good night, my darlings - I love and miss you. 

Harlow Sunset(C) Rachel St. Photography

You can purchase my iconic London Landmark images (Watermark Free, Top Quality Prints) here: http://rachelstphotography.com/p171574121

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England Part 6: SouthBanksy and Graffiti https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/7/england-part-6-southbanksy-graffiti I spent more time south of the Thames than I ever previously have. Away from the high-class profiles, business suits, and banking dominated square mile, London comes to life with its deep ethnic roots, color, and visual stimulation.

I met up with local photographer James Oliver Connolly, who treated me to a side of London that resonates with street art and culture. James is an astounding photographer. If you need a UK based photographer - he's your guy! He owns and operates James Oliver Connolly Photography (find his Facebook page here). He also collaborates with another photographer and specializes in weddings at Lucky Love London (you can find their Facebook page here).

James and I set out to meet up at Waterloo station. While I was there, I papped these lovelies!

Big, Big World(C) Rachel St. Photography Where Do We Go From Here?(C) Rachel St. Photography

James showed me Leake St. Tunnel - former home to an original Banksy piece ... (that is always subject to change as the elusive Banksy could easily visit again to leave his mark). As a lover of street photography and street art in general, I instantly fell in love. 

Leake St. TunnelAnti-Art(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Leake St. (C) Rachel St. Photography

There is a tiny coffee shop inside the tunnel, tucked away into the walls as well. I believe they also host art exhibits, so if you're ever in the area, be sure to check it out! In addition to the artists above, we stumbled across graffiti artist Chris Gharibi and his companion creating a new and vibrant piece. 

Gharibi-fitti(C) Rachel St. Photography (C) Rachel St. Photography Gharibi-fitti 2(C) Rachel St. Photography Gharibi-fitti 3(C) Rachel St. Photography

James and I then went a-wanderin' and made our way to South Bank Centre to catch a street performer and chat with some other photographers. It was a delightful afternoon with glorious visual stimulation. 

Eye Love London(C) Rachel St. Photography Biggest Ben(C) Rachel St. Photography

You can purchase my iconic London Landmark images (Watermark Free, Top Quality Prints) here: http://rachelstphotography.com/p171574121

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England Part 5: Harlow https://rachelstphotography.com/blog/2014/7/england-part-5-harlow I spend the majority of my time in England in Harlow. This is where Shane and his family live - this is my family, too. We went to North Weald Market over the weekend. What a place! It's apparently a lot smaller now than it used to be. Markets really are the most fascinating places to me. San Antonio has a market, and I'm pretty sure farmers' markets are similar, but English markets kind of blow my mind. Honestly, you can find pretty much anything you could dream of ... whether it does or is what it is meant to do or be is another question, though! :)
Markets also present the largest challenge for me for street photography; people are very alert at markets!

I spent £17 on some olives!!! Totally got swindled there for not knowing how much a gram is. They *are* the most delicious olives in the world, though. The woman who was selling them told me she "LOOOOOOOOVES Americans!!" - if we all spend this much on her olives, I can only imagine that she does love us!

I love Harlow. 

(C) Rachel St. Photography 2014Butcher's HookButcher's Hook, North Weald, Harlow, Essex, UK 2014

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

Sunday, we popped over to the Harlow Museum for the Art of the Garden Party 2. The walled garden is one of my favorite places to visit in Harlow. My favorite part was the Harlow Ballet's performance :D

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151 (C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

This dreamflower pops up all over England (and I saw some in Paris last summer, too) ... the Fuschia! I love it.

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

(C)Rachel St Photography 4096593151

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