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February 05, 2015  •  5 Comments

Writing blogs - with purpose - has always been a struggle for me. I schedule it into my weekly planner ... and then avoid it like the plague. I'm not a bad writer, I just feel like sometimes, my time is better served ... watching British Comedy? Ha! It's true - I often avoid blog writing to do just that. 

When I'm truly inspired, the blog posts come easily. Does that mean I'm currently uninspired? I don't know - I feel inspired when I'm working. Things are really picking up this year with my business and I'm so grateful and excited about it. Why isn't this translating to blog posts? 

There's a lot going on in my personal life at the moment and I often find myself focusing on those things rather than blog posts, or instagram feeds, or tweeting. Owning your own business and being a single mom requires some sort of magical fountain of super powers I think. Anyone have a map to find this fountain?

I see women who do it all the time and they're perfectly groomed, their kids always behave and their house is in "eat on the floor" order. How in the world do these women do it? 

Share with me your inspirations! Share with me the women that inspire you. Share with me the things that YOU do to make your life easier, less complicated and still successful. I crave your knowledge! ^_^

What distracts you from the tedious aspects of your business? What inspires you to get those aspects DONE?

Comment below and let's have a conversation! 

"Everybody wants to save the earth, no one wants to help mom do the dishes." - P.J. O'Rourke

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Shane (Not the Boyfriend)(non-registered)
I apologize. I misunderstood the point of the blog. I see so many that just babble on about nothing and bein said that since you do have a point, a business one at that, then I commend you.
Rachel St. Photography
Shane (not the boyfriend )
I agree with most of what you said. However, the purpose of this blog is FOR my business, not so much as a general personal blog. Obviously there will be elements of my personality in it, because my business is a function of my personality and my personal hard work.

I don't write the blog just because - I do it to reach out to my clients and potential clients; to share with them the work that I'm creating, the images that I create for them.

I know that wasn't the point of your entire comment, but I did want to touch that issue. :)
Shane (Not the Boyfriend)(non-registered)
It may sound crazy but my inspirations have not come from seeing peoples success, but more from watching people with none. I've had friends end up in jail, some hooked on drugs, some with 6 kids from different moms or dads and the struggles that follows. Others that did not do what was needed for their family. There are some that don't work, can't find work, or just won't do what it takes to get a better one. It is all inspiration to me. I see those situations as my motivation and reason to work my butt off so that hopefully I won't be in their situation. Did I do it over night, no, no one does. I've literally spent the past 10 years getting my life in order for tomorrow. Not every step was easy but I knew it was necessary. It was Needed. Every decision was made so that it worked into helping the next step or phase. You talk about some people that look like they have everything together, the 'well groomed...' But do they really. Something drives them to it. Maybe on the inside they are screaming because they don't want to be judged because they think they must meet the standard of looks....on the outside. What is really going on the inside? Maybe complete madness and dysfunction. I remember when I was in elementary, my parents had money, more than most families in our area. I would go to school with my walmart no name brand clothes, but I was happy with them. But as I look back, the kids that had the high priced clothing were the poorer families. Not all, but most. Trying to hide something, make people think they had it together, I don't know but those decisions might not have been the best. My parents didn't have money because they spent it, they had it because they used it wisely. They didn't look at today and say "everything has to be done today and if it is not then we just give up," they little by little formed what they had and made the best of the situation. If I had one inspiration from a positive it would be from them. The smart non reactive decisions. None spur of the moment. As for making life easier, that's the wrong question in my book. You should be asking how do I work harder. That day to day activity most people don't do can make a world of difference. I'm truthfully not worried so much about being inspired about writing a blog. To me that time could be spent with the kids, or helping my wife do chores or even catchin up on what I need to do. I'm not bashing the blog so please don't hate the statement. Guess what I mean is what could you do with your time besides the blog. Maybe an hour or so blogging, I can do a lot in one hour that may 'Need' to be done. Yes I 'Want' to work on my projects, but what is needed at the moment. The 'Need' inspires me. I'm not going to lie, the past 10 years have been hard. Very hard. But the ease of my life that it brings is priceless. Then it is back to reality, back to take care of the difficult so that tomorrow might just be better. Never get into a lull and never think you've hit rock bottom. There is always someone out there worse off than you are and there is always someone out there working harder to achieve what they want and need. No matter what obstacle you come to, conquer it. One at a time step up and make something happen. No matter how little, it will make a difference. Our situations are different so I do not have a 10 step to success, but I tell you if someone does, run like hell. You are the one that has to find your inspirations. Because simply, they are YOURS.
Love ya Cuz and I wish you luck on YOUR journey.
Rachel St. Photography
Haha, Leslie!
Your workroom inspired me when I was there - and I wasn't the least bit hungry! Haha. I even created an inspiration board and got some magazines that had images that I really like in them so that I can add it to my pretty new board... Board is currently sitting propped against my bedroom wall, waiting for hanging hardware. The magazines are shoved under my pillows so that I can be inspired by osmosis! haha
Genuinely, though - I think I'll take shot at journaling each morning - instead of say, facebooking. Ha!
Thank you for caring! You are so awesome <3
Leslie Venable(non-registered)
I've gained over 20 pounds because every time I walk in my workroom I get hungry (meaning I would rather eat than be creative) I've been uninspired and depressed. I totally get what you are saying. Life is a real bitch sometimes.

I am reading a book called The Artist Way-Julia Cameron, and so far she has asked us to get up in the morning and write 3 pages in a journal, nothing thought provoking, just wake up and write down all the crap and negativity in your head.......do this everyday. I haven't been really good about doing it everyday, but I will say the days that I do it I am more productive........

I recently relaunched by blog and I know that its hard to motivate yourself when you only answer to yourself..........."Oh I can do that tomorrow, Who will notice? No one cares anyway"are things I say to myself, but you know what........I will notice, and I care.

Take care of yourself first, so that you can take care of others........its not selfish, it is necessary for survival.

P.S. Inspiration Board : )
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