Rachel St. Photography | FAQ

Your name is Rachel Gunther; what's up with "Rachel St."?

My name is Rachel Gunther. I started this business under my name. However, I wanted to give tribute to my grandmother whose name was also Rachel. My grandfather was a businessman of the "Great American" generation. He was a property developer in Southeast Texas and he properly loved my grandma. As a result, there's a little street in Port Arthur, Texas that he built and named "Rachel Street". Rachel St. Photography is a tribute to a great lady I love dearly and a generous man I never had the pleasure of meeting.
Plus, there's a rumor out there my last name will change to Street sometime in the future. :)

What makes Rachel St. Photography different?

Making the decision to use a personal photographer is a deeply personal choice and many factors are involved. When you choose Rachel St. Photography as your personal photography service, you are getting more than a CD.
I begin every session weeks before I ever click the shutter on my camera. We will work together to ensure your personalized photo shoot is a reflection of who YOU are. I spend time getting to know you so  every image is as unique as you. When the day of your session arrives, we are already fast friends and have the ability to relax so that our time together is more like a hangout session than a "'SAY CHEESE!' and leave" session.
After the session, we meet again to go over your images and select exactly the print products that suit your needs. Your images are a timeless work of art that deserve to be preserved for generations. I will even help you design custom print galleries so the prints on your walls express everything you love about who you are! 
With Rachel St. Photography, you get a personal relationship and a session catered to your style and personality. The value you receive isn't lost in a stack of CDs: Your value is in our time together and that always translates beautifully to your one-of-a-kind portraits and event documentary. Need more info? Click here to learn more about portrait investments and product pricing. :)

Do you have a studio?

I magically transform my dining room into a studio as the situation arises. I also have several indoor locations available if space demands. Because my studio equipment is completely mobile, I have the ability to create custom lighting in any situation - indoor or outdoor as well as extended knowledge of natural lighting. 

You took so many pictures! Why did I only get 20 in my gallery?

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Current DSLR cameras give the photographer the ability to capture multiple images of the same pose. However, this results in several duplicates; some might be blurry, some you'll have blinked, little Susy or Jim might be picking their nose, a shadow from a blowing tree branch may have obscured someone's face, or any number of photographic anomalies. It's my job to find the best one of the batch.
I take an average of 20-60 photos during a regular shoot. Larger photo shoots like sport tournaments or weddings will result in a thousand or more images. I go through each image myself and select the best images to begin the editing process. Editing images can be a very simple 5 minute process to over an hour's worth of creative work for each image. 
I take the best of the best to create your final gallery.
If you do not see a specific image in your gallery, just ask me about it. More than likely it was intentionally left out for quality reasons.

Why don't you offer print bundles?

I believe that every family is different and every person is different. This means that "standard print packages" don't work for everyone. With a variety of prints and products in my a la carte pricing, you have the maximum ability to choose exactly what suits your needs. If you're anything like me, there's always prints leftover from packages that just sit in a box, never seeing the light of day. I mean, really, who needs 48 wallets of 10 different poses? I never want you or your photos to experience that trauma! 

Why is your logo on every image?

The watermark you see online is not on your actual printed image. Your printed images will not have watermarks on them, but they will have my signature on the back! :)

What types of photography do you do and what do you do when you're not taking pictures?

I specialize in portraiture, but have a deep and passionate love for sports - particularly soccer. I will often be found on the sidelines of the pitch for soccer families in the area to capture live action sport portraits. 
I LOVE to travel. Love, love, love it! I will never go anywhere without one of my cameras. I will shoot anything from older ladies sharing an ice cream cone on an English beach, to the winding stairs of Arc de Triomphe, to a flower blowing in the Mexican breeze. I think travel photography may be my favorite, because it gives me an opportunity to not only travel to a new (or favorite) location, but to also capture the life of a place. 

What is your turn around time?

A typical session will be completely edited and posted within 1 to 2 weeks. Weddings and special events can take up to 6 weeks, but I try to have them done as quickly as possible. For event sessions, I edit a few of my favorites and post to Facebook within a couple days as a ‘Sneak Peek’! 

What programs do you use and how long do you keep my pictures?

I prefer natural photos with natural editing. I use Adobe LightroomAdobe PhotoshopTopaz and Alien Skin to edit my photos to achieve the best image possible. I never force an effect or use it as a crutch, but if a photo is crying out for me to take it to the next level, I will. 
Current galleries are stored and delivered using Zenfolio. Your image galleries are available to you for up to 120 days. I also back up your images on my own external hard drives and cloud account.

Anything else you want me to know?

I am here to capture YOU. You are an individual. Your family is different from every other family. I want you and your loved ones to always feel cared for and special. 
I want you to ENJOY your time with me. Being included in your special moments is a treasure and I hope that you'll be forever happy with your experience!