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I never want your beautiful images to waste away in an online gallery, so I have created these awesome photo wall layouts to help you figure out which prints and packages work best for you!

Below each image is the base cost for prints (prices will vary depending upon your frame and paper options). 


Package A
Package B
Package C
Package D
Package E
Package F
Package G

Package H

Individual Prints



Package A Cost - $163. You save $75!


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Individual Prints



Package B Cost $100. You save $49!

Package C Cost $160. You save $50!
Package D Cost $240. You save $62!
Package E Cost $150. You save $33!
Package F Cost $125. You save $38!

Package G Cost $122. That's a FREE 16x20!




Package H Cost $147. You save $50!




Precreated packages don't always work for everyone. I want you to be able to ENJOY your beautiful portraits in the way that suits you the best. Please use this individual print guide to help determine what best suits your style and budget. Prints over $300 will receive a discount. 

The following prices are the baseline prices and vary depending upon paper, finish and framing options. Please speak with me or view your gallery for full details.



Item Individual Starting Cost
Wallet (set of 4)


5x7 $5
8x10 $9
11x14 $28
16x20 $61
20x24 $75
4x4 $3
8x8 $9
Photo Books  
8x8 (20 Pages) $126
Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints  
10x10 $194
11x14 $246
20x14 $386